Ville de Brest

Les Ateliers des Capucins, between culture, art & digital

Appart'Hôtel Brest Pasteur

Don’t miss the Ateliers des Capucins, a place not to be missed in Brest. Less than ten minutes by car from our Appart’Hôtel Terres de France Brest, these are the buildings of the Brest Arsenal, built in the 19th century and handed over to the City of Brest in 2009.

Accessible more than easily via the Brest cable car, bus or tramway, the Ateliers des Capucins are renowned and popular for being a place full of history and wonders to discover. Only yesterday, the workers of the naval shipbuilding industry used to straighten the metal in a hellish noise. Today, it is a different alchemy: successfully combining cultural dissemination, artistic production and creative industries.

In the past, this historical place resounded with the noise of the machines of the Brest arsenal. Today, they have not disappeared, but serve as a backdrop and as a link between the ancient and the modern. The immense covered space is a place of life, accompanied by many varied animations: music, art, cinema, restaurants, cafés, stores, sports… The Media Library also contributes to this gigantic, modern and peaceful place, so appreciated by the visitors…

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